Web Design 

Janet Sargisson - painter

Montreal artist Janet Sargisson has been painting for 30 years. After retiring from teaching, she set about hosting her first exhibition. In the lead up to the event, I designed a portfolio website to showcase her work. I wanted a simple, elegant site where her paintings would be the central focus. As it would be in a gallery with clean white walls and no distractions, her work is the star. I met with Janet in her Montreal studio to photograph her work. I also designed invitations for her exhibition and vernissage, which can be seen here.

Phantasmagoria Collective

Phantasmagoria Collective is an ad-hoc group created by myself and my partner Amelia Sargisson to present the Canadian première of Philip Ridley's international hit Tender Napalm at the 2013 SummerWorks Performance Festival in Toronto.  

In Tender Napalm, Man and Woman weave fantastical yarns in order to overcome their pain and carve out a brave new world in which they can love again. The latter-day Adam and Eve navigate a phantasmagoric deluge of sea monsters, monkey soldiers, and flying saucers, while revealing glimpses of their fragile, real life selves. I asked designer Chloe Purcell to design the poster, postcard, and a series of images for online promotion. I took the photographs, shot the fundraising videos, and created the website. I wanted the site to be clear and easy to navigate with the pertinent information and ticket links easily accessible and with Chloe's fantastical designs featured throughout. As the rave reviews started to pour in, I put them front and centre on the home page.