Modern Love

Modern Love premiered in 2012 at The Next Stage Theatre Festival to great popular and critical acclaim. In addition to creating the video and projection design for the show, I was responsible for the graphic design and marketing material. 

Written and performed by Jessica Moss, Modern Love examines the painful and often hilarious experience of putting your heart on the line, online. The concept for the trailer was to show Jessica alone with her computer in various parts of the bustling city. I used stop-motion techniques to convey the frantic feeling of being in a hyper-connected world with Jessica alone in a sea of light streaks and blurred bodies. Her laptop is open and I used light painting to draw a heart moving and beating—a modern take on the expression "wearing your heart on your sleeve". Finally, I created a soundscape of typing, traffic, cellphone beeps and rings, and an always present beating heart to create a tense overture to the piece. 


In the show, Jessica plays many different characters, bringing to life the various people she has met though online dating sites. For the show, we created a fictional dating site: "" For our social media campaign, we thought it would be fun to bring some of these characters to life. We created a series of dating profile videos featuring three of Jess' characters: Brawny, Alabaster, and Professor Wimbly. 

Meet Brawny. He likes working out and... working out. If you love the gym, you might like him too. Visit to meet this hunk.

Meet Professor Wimbly. He would love to read you a bedtime story. If you're ready to explore a whole new chapter in your life visit 

Meet Alabaster. He likes...nothing. If you feel hollow too maybe you can fill his void. Visit to set up a date.